Fishermans Road Market

Proudly operated by Mooloolaba Lions Club

Stallholder Terms and Conditions

The Fishermans Rd Markets is managed and operated on a voluntary basis by the Mooloolaba Lions Club. The Market is managed week to week by our Market Manager, a Booking Officer who completes all stall bookings and Team Leaders who manage the Market day (working on a rotating basis). 


Location: Corner Fisherman’s Road and David Low Way, Maroochydore  QLD  4558

Contact details

Booking Officer Ph: 0429 109 149        Email:

Our Booking Officer is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9am to 3pm. Preferred method of contact is via email.

Trading hours 

Every Sunday (except Christmas Day trading between 6am – 12:00pm)

Stallholders need to provide their own marquees or umbrellas that must be secured, if they require them. Management does not provide any stall equipment for hire or loan.

Covid-19 Safe

All stallholders are to provide hand sanitiser with a covid safe sign. Click here

Booking Process

All applicants need to apply to attend our Market and register their interest via our bookings system here. Once assessed you will receive a confirmation via email advising the progress of the application with instructions for online payment to be finalised by 12pm Friday.

For any subsequent bookings, please send an email to stating your name, size of stall, date required and what you are selling by Thursday 5pm.  An invoice will be sent for online payment which must be paid before 12pm Friday.

Casual Bookings

Applications for a casual booking will be processed during business hours with confirmation by email. New stallholders are required to complete an online application form. New applications are assessed and responded to on a weekly basis. Stall fees must be paid at time of booking a site to complete the booking process. Payment to be finalised by 12pm Friday.  Apply online here.

Weekly Regular stallholders

Invoices are sent automatically each Monday (public holidays excepted) with payment completed by 12pm Friday.  Apologies for non-attendance to be provided to the Booking Officer by Saturday 6am so a future credit may be processed. 

Approved Casual stallholders need to email their requests for a site to the Booking Officer by 5pm Thursday so they may be processed with payment completed before Friday 12pm. 


We are an all-weather outdoor Market and stallholders must come prepared to trade in varying weather conditions. If for any reason you are unable to attend a Market that you have booked and paid for, please contact by 12pm Friday to discuss. You may be offered a credit of another site to be taken within the next 4 weeks.

Size of stalls available for casual stallholders

3m x 3m – $30,  3m x 6m – $60


All Weekly Regular stallholders and Approved Casual stallholders must provide their own Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover for 12 months to the sum of $10MIL. Policy must be endorsed “sanywhere in Australia and/or Operating Markets” with a copy of the certificate given to Management/Booking Officer or uploaded through the application form at time of application and annual renewal.

Arrival times

Weekly Regular stallholders and Approved Casual stallholders are required to arrive at 4:00am. Vehicles are to be unloaded and parked as soon as possible at the Sports Ground Parking area across from the market precinct.

Casual stallholders are required to arrive between 4:30am – 4.45am.

Departure times

Pack up time is 12 noon and vehicles can re-enter the Market grounds when gates open at 12.15pm.

Please pack up before bringing your vehicle back to the site.  There is no movement of vehicles in the market before 12.15pm.

All stallholders are required to depart the Market site by 1:00pm.

Car Parking for Stallholders

Please park your car in the approved stallholder car park at the Multi Sports Ground Parking area on the opposite side of Fisherman’s Road Markets.  Please do not park on Fisherman’s Road as this area is reserved for your customers.

Regular stallholders can apply through the Booking Officer for the limited paid spaces to have their vehicles on site, such as stock truck for fruit and vegetable sellers.

Council Inspectors visit every week and fine anyone parking outside of permitted zones. 

Stall Allocations

Allocation of a Casual and Regular stall site is at the discretion of the Lions Club and may change from week to week.

Stall Products

Stallholders may only sell products as listed in their original application and as approved by the Market Manager. Stallholders are NOT PERMITTED to sell offensive, illegal or counterfeit goods or goods that do not comply with current Australian safety standards.  

The Market Team Leader has the right to remove goods from sale that are unacceptable. If you are wanting to add to you stall offerings, please send an email to the Booking Officer to have written approval.

Marquee Weights

Stalls must have weights (minimum 4 x 20kg weights – one on each marquee leg) – water/sand/other must be in place as your stall set-up is finalised. They are compulsory for the safety of stallholders, volunteers and general public. Please include these in your general Market kit and secure them in place before trade starts. 


Stallholders ARE NOT PERMITTED to bring dogs, or any other pets to the Markets in accordance with our event permit issued by Sunshine Coast Council.

The general public are permitted to bring dogs (must be on leash and controlled) to the Market as per the local government laws.


The entire Market site is a SMOKE FREE ZONE. The smoking ban includes all footpath and garden areas and includes set-up and pack-up times.

Food Stalls

In accordance with Council and Government regulations all food vendors must have their food license on display and must have an adequate waste bin behind the counter, and additional bin at the front of the stall for customer use.

Waste Management

All rubbish to be taken home with you for disposal. Please ensure no rubbish is left on site. 

Plants and Nursery Stalls

Plants and nursery stalls are not permitted to sell Declared Plants and Environmental Weeds. Declared plants are those plants identified by State Legislation are controlled. These weeds are traditionally known as ‘noxious’ weeds.

For more information about Declared Plants and Environmental Weeds contact Sunshine Coast Council. You can also view a list of all declared plants found in the region at

Local Fruit & Veggie Growers

We welcome local fruit & veggie growers, however due to authenticity of goods, we only permit growers to carry a maximum of 4 product lines. Please contact Market Manager to discuss if required. 


We do not offer powered sites.

Silent/low noise Generators are permitted for food stalls and must be positioned to ensure correct airflow for cooling and exhaust distribution. Fuel should not be added whilst the generator is in use, and fuel must be stored safely. Switch off the generator when refuelling or not in use.

Care MUST be given to where electrical leads are placed to ensure there are no trip hazards on ground under heavy duty cover.  Current tagging of electrical leads is required.

Gas Cylinders

Gas appliances and fittings must have A.G.A, A.L.P.G.A approval. No gas cylinder with a capacity above 9kgs is to be used inside a tent or marquee and should be secured in a way that they cannot be moved.

Ring Burners must have a fire-resistant material under them at least 6mm thick. Cylinders older than 10yrs are required to be tested and restamped by an authorised agent. Twin stage regulators are required to control the gas pressure and the regulators are required to be mounted rigidly with the diaphragms in the vertical position. Gas hoses should be in good condition and preferably of the quick release variety.

Wet Weather

We are an all-weather event and will trade rain, hail or shine. Stallholders should come prepared to trade in windy, rainy, and hot conditions.  In the event of inclement weather, the Lions Club Mooloolaba will not be responsible for any damage that may result.  If weather deteriorates during the day approval from Market Team Leader must be sought before stallholder’s pack and leave.

We offer Credits to be current for up to four (4) weeks provided the stall holder emails the Bookings Officer prior to 6.00am on the Sunday morning, or has called.


A breach of any of the above conditions may result in trading privileges being withdrawn.